Monday, 22 March 2010

Tolkien's evil orcs, or Hitlers Army?

Lord Of The Rings can be seen as a fantasy story about good and evil by the majority of us... However we are going to take a look into the deeper truths which can be interpreted. One thing i have found is the relationship between the film and World War 2. These are the reasons that i have come to this conclusion:

  • How all of the different races in the film join together to form a united front against the army of Sarumen.
  • Sarumen's position, very similar to Hitler
  • How Sarumen built his army up in Isengard, giving life to new creatures. This is similar to when Hitler brainwashed children because of their innocence, making them the perfect generation in his eyes, obeying his every command
  • The unity between the towns and races is very similar to that of the United Nations which was formed after World War 2

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