Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tolkiens creative world

Tolkien was born in South Africa, but returned to England with his mother when he was only four years old, retaining very few memories of the South African landscape.

Tolkien love of nature, which it brought the creation of ents, Treebeards, and charactors such as Tom Bombodil and Goldberry. These charactors made a popular role in the play as they had unique characteristic's.

Shortly after returning to England, Tolkien's stay in the village of Sarehole which was  industrialized but retained the isolated beauty and simplicity of the pre-industrialized English countryside.

Industrialization, machines, and technological progress in all its forms are seen as destroying forces, which very much come alike as the dark forces in tolkien stories. Living in industrial Birmingham and observing the horrors and destruction of World War I and II, Tolkien had born witness to the many drawbacks of industrial progress.

These industrialization give a great similarity to Saruman who destroys the land around Isengard and cuts down great sections of Fangorn Forest to feed his war machine. Sauron has the great resemblance of war and destruction shown in world war 1. The story play also shows the rise of army in darkness and leadership such as the wicth king and the 9 dark riders called the nazguls also show the effects similar to world war 2.

the way the whole scene which shows as sauron returns to once again bring middle earth to its darkness which is more alike world war 2 which is been born within the ashes of world war 1.
The movie lord of the rings directed by Peter Jackson, the world of tolkien has been brought back to life in a whole new way of bringing life to the environment and experience of the novel.

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