Sunday, 14 February 2010

Auguste Rodin

Rodin was the most celebrated sculptor of the 19th century, he was the creator of a new form of sculpture. The work would be completed, but he used a variant Michaelangelo's unfinished figures.. Giving some pieces a waxy finish on parts and leaving other parts in its original state, or keeping some of the figure in the block it was made from.. 

His influence was through his expression of emotion and movement, how he used symbolism and distortion and how he took great care when modeling.  He was a product of the Romanticism movement and a forerunner for modern art.. 

The Thinker 

The Kiss

I feel that he is an important figure in the movement of Romanticism because he created new techniques for sculpting, also he used his imagination to create a world that exceeded reality and everyday existence. Thinking out side the box led to his work influencing and opening new doors for upcoming sculptors, instead of producing these mundane statues and sculptors seen before Rodin, they could now use their imaginations and emotions to let loose and realize their potential.. 

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