Thursday, 11 February 2010

What is Romanticism?

Romanticism was a movement that started in the 1770's in German, France and England by a group called the Romantics, early Romantics had the intention of changing the world and society. Romanticism was one of the many branches that was born from the Age of Enlightenment period which has been said to have started by a small group that slowly grow in size an spread around the world but the Romanticism movement didn't have the same views of the Age of Enlightenment. when Enlightenment was at its full swing people had a strong belief in the law of science and logic of maths and everything was based on reason. The Romantics started rejecting the idea of the the Enlightenment and started focusing on colour, emotion, individuality and nature but the movement did not only inspire those with artistic skills but those with musical ,mainly opera, theatre and literature skills, as well they would show their emotion and imagination through their creative writing and skills. around this time. Romanticism was the voice of freedom, fears, hopes and tragedies in the 1770 onwards, and also inspired many others movements such as Nationalism, which inspired tragic events such as the French revolution, it also inspired leaders and political movements to throw away there cold logic of 'reason ofscience' to more of a focus improving every thing.


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