Thursday, 11 February 2010

Lecture 1: Getting started

So after todays lecture and a little group work, im still slightly fuzzy on what we are supposed to be doing... I know we have split the nine points up and given ourselves jobs to do... I hope tonight some research will give me a greater idea about whats going on


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  1. of course, research holds the answers! :-)

    Consider Romanticism as a reaction to The Enlightenment - so, you'll need to establish for yourself a clear working understanding of the key ideas underpinning the Enlightenment - and thereby establish the context for understanding the key (often opposing) ideas of Romanticism...

    and a big clue: there is a massive difference between romanticism with a small 'r' (which is the stuff of Clinton Cards and rom-coms) and Romanticism with a BIG R - don't confuse the two!

    I suggest you look at this post by Jolanta for clarity...