Sunday, 14 February 2010


One of my most favourite artiest of all time is Turner. now understanding more about the Romanticism movement, i have noticed how Romantic turners painting were

The Shipwreck, William Turner, 1805 oil canvus

this is one of the many examples how Turner had put his emotions into his painting, in most of his painting Turner uses the sea, i believe the reason why is because sea itself can be connected with emotion from calm waves to a storm.

Rain, Steam, and Speed — The Great Western Railway
here is a great example of the strong brush strokes that turner uses to express his emotion, he uses bold colours stand out,

The Junction of the Thames and the Medway

this painting creates a dramatic effect to the viewer, the dark tones and shades used in this painting bring out a sense of mystery or the storm in coming or leaving

Turner shows his emotion in his paintings by the strong brush techniques and movement of the paint that can be seen in the painting, he also creates a sense of depth and tonality to capture his views into his paintings


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